2006 Fellows

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Julia Burdick-Will

Julia is an Assistant Professor in Sociology and the School of Education at the Johns Hopkins University.  She received her doctoral degree from the Department of Sociology in 2012 and then spent two years at Brown as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Population Studies and Training Center.  Her research examines the impact of violent crime in neighborhoods and school and the broader role of neighborhood and school contexts in shaping educational inequality. Julia’s article on school violence won the 2014 James Coleman Award for the best article in the Sociology of Education from the American Sociological Association. Julia received her undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago.

Andrew Mattarella-Micke

Andrew is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Educational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at Stanford University, having previously completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Vanderbilt University. He received his doctoral degree from the Department of Psychology in 2012. His research focuses on the acquisition, representation and performance of cognitive skills. His work relies on converging sources of evidence from behavior, physiology and neuroimaging to advance basic cognitive research with educational implications.

Daniel Ramsey

Daniel is a Research Analyst at Cornerstone Research Consulting. He received his doctoral degree from the Department of Economics in 2012. His research interests include financial assistance and education attainment and the methods of estimating teacher quality and developing best practices for teachers based on rigorous empirical support. He is also interested in the role of schools and teachers in the development of non-cognitive skills. Daniel received his undergraduate degree from Harvard University and has worked for the Council of Economic Advisers.