The Committee on Education

The Committee on Education is rooted in two basic tenets. The first is that scholars studying aspects of education within their disciplines will benefit from interdisciplinary interchange. The second is that a well-orchestrated interplay between researchers and practitioners will foster outstanding new scholarship.

Major Initiatives

Pre-doctoral Research Training Program

UChicago one of five universities awarded an IES Pre-Doctoral Training Grant in 2014. See IES Announcement…         

Successful Pathways from School to Work

Getting on Track Early for School Success

From the Classroom to the Lab and Back: Instructional Strategies to Improve Children’s Early Math Skills

Language Development Project

Spatial Intelligence and Learning Center

Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center

Network for College Success

Key Partners

Urban Education Institute (UEI)

Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education (CEMSE)

Center for the Economics of Human Development

Thirty Million Words

Workshop on Quantitative Methods