The Chicago Education Workshop Lecture Series

The Chicago Education Workshop Lecture Series
1200 noon until 120 pm
Pick Hall
5828 South University Avenue - Room 016 

The Workshop on Education alternates between two types of sessions: 

  1. The New Findings in Education section functions as a typical University of Chicago Workshop with detialed presentations, discussions and critical eveluations of new findings.  Presentations are presented by university faculty and students, as well as experts from other universities.   
  2. Methodology sessions involve student presentations of works-in-progress.  Discussion is aimed at helping colleagues plan theirnext steps.  

For additional information on the Workshop on Education Lecture Series, or to be added to the distribution list, or persons with disabilities who may need assistance, please contact Darnell Leatherwood, Workshop Coordinator at  

Stephen Raudenbush is the Committee on Education Chair and Faculty Representative. 

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Education Workshop Schedule
Autumn Quarter 
Sep 26 - Dec 10, 2016  

Oct 4 Greg Duncan, Distinguished Professor, School of Education
and Department of Economics (by courtesy) and Psychology 
and Social Behavior (by courtesy), University of California at Irvine
Title: Persistence and Fadeout in the Impacts of Child and
Adolescent Interventions 
Oct 11 Jason Okonofua, Postdoctoral Researcher and Social Psychologist
Stanford University
Title: When Bias and Threat Persistently Interact: A Holistic Approach
to Understand the Lingering Effects of Stereotypes
Oct 18 Joshua Goodman, Associate Professor of Public Policy
Harvard University
Title: Oh Brother, Where Start Thou? Sibling Spillovers in College Enrollment
Oct 25 Xu Qin, PhD Student, University of Chicago, Department of 
Comparative Human Development
Title: Evaluating Between-Site Variation of Mediation Mechanisms in the
Job Corps Impact Using a Weighting Method 
Nov 1 Sarah Cohodes, Assistant Professor of Education and Public Policy, Teachers
College, Columbia University 
Title: The Long-Run Impacts of Tracking High-Achieving Student: Evidence
from Boston's Advance Work Class
Nov 8 Nolan Pope, IES Fellow, University of Chicago, Department of Economics
Title: The Multidimensional Impact of Teachers on Students 
Nov 15 Laura Shneidman, Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Chicago, Department 
of Psychology 
Title: Pedagogy and Early Social Learning in Two Cultural Communities 


Past Events
2016 Winter and 2016 Spring Quarter 

Jan 12 Ronald F. Ferguson, Harvard University
Jan 19 Robert Roeser, Portland State University
Jan 26 Juanna Joensen, Senior Research Associate
University of Chicago
Feb 2 Michael Dinnerstein, Department of Economics 
University of Chicago
Feb 9 Elaine Allensworth and Val Michelman
The Consortium at the University of Chicago
Feb 23 Chris Rozek, University of Chicago
Mar 1 Andrea Jenkins, University of Chicago
Mar 8 Jennifer Delaney, UIC at Urbana Champaign
Apr 5 Howard Bloom MDRC
Apr 12 Perla Gamez, Loyola University
Apr 26 Sue Sporte and Jennie Jiang
The Consortium at the University of Chicago
May 3 Na'ilah Suad Nasir, University of California at Berkeley
May 17 Elizabeth Gunderson, Temple University
May 24 Rebecca Hinze-Pifer, University of Chicago
May 31 Nolan Pope, University of Chicago