The Chicago Education Workshop Lecture Series

    The Chicago Education Workshop Lecture Series
    1200 noon until 120 pm

The Workshop on Education alternates between two types of sessions:

  1. The New Findings in Education section functions as a typical University of Chicago workshop with detailed presentations, discussions and critical evaluations of new findings.  Presentations are presented by university faculty and students, as well as experts from other universities. 
  2. Methodology sessions involve student presentations of works-in-progress.  Discussion is aimed at helping colleagues plan their next steps.
    For additional information on the Workshop on Education Lecture Series, or to be added to the distribution list, or persons with disabilities who may need assistance, please contact Darnell Leatherwood, Workshop Coordinator at

Stephen Raudenbush is the Committee on Education Chair and Faculty Representative. 

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         Summer (Jun, Jul or Aug) Quarter  

NOTE: Please mark your calendars for Tuesdays at 1200 noon for the upcoming 2016 - 2017 Workshop on Education Lecture Series.  Our regular Eduation Workshop schedule will resume during the 2016 Autumn Quarter (Sep 28 - Dec 12, 2016).  Available slots to present your work are available.  If you or someone you know is interested in a platform to present their education research, please contact our Workshop Coordinator, Darnell Leatherwood at

Past Events 

The University of Chicago Committee on Education
Now that we know that, what do we do? Building the capacity of neighborhood high schools
presenter: Melissa Roderick, Hermon Dunlap Smith Professor
School of Social Service Administration
Thu Mar 29, 2012
In this session, Professor Roderick, with NCS co-director Mary Ann Pitcher and Colleagues, discussed NCS's approach to improving college enrollment and college match through a professional network of counselors and a partnership with the Associated Colleges of the Midwest. 

Economic Models in Education Research Workshop
Committee on Education at the University of Chicago and the National Opinion Research Center
Thu, Apr 7 and Fri, Apr 8, 2011

Conference on Economic Analysis and Education Policy
Fri, Jun 7, 2010
Organized by Derek Neal of the University of Chicago, this conference is co-sponsored with the Searle Freedom Trust and the University of Chicago Committee on Education.
The Program and papers are available on the MFI website.