About IES

The University of Chicago's IES program (funded by the US Department of Education's Institute for Education Sciences) is part of an exciting, intellectual education sciences environment at the University of Chicago in which a diverse community of students, faculty and practitioners are collaborating to design and conduct research and practices relevant to solving urgent national problems in education. Our IES program builds upon prior, highly successful IES Programs starting in 2005 that have produced 11 Assistant Professors at prominent universities throughout the U.S., 5 Post-doctoral Fellows, 4 Analysts at research firms and an education research Program Officer at a major foundation, along with our outstanding incoming 2015-16 cohort of 11 fellows and current junior fellows who are on track to become expert education researchers.  Two of our fellows, now Assistant Professors at Temple University and UCLA, have won the prestigious national IES Outstanding Pre-Doctoral Fellow Award.

Education Sciences at the University comprise an expanding group of world-class faculty and practitioners from disciplines, professional schools and centers across the University. The interdisciplinary Committee on Education with its close affiliation to the University’s Urban Education Institute and the Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education form the cornerstone for this work and place the University of Chicago in a unique position to effectively interface research and practice. The tight integration between the University’s ambitious, multi-year research initiative, Successful Pathways from School to Work, and the IES Pre-Doctoral Training Program further ensures the foundation for an intense intellectual education sciences environment within the University of Chicago. IES fellows are able to work with Successful Pathways grantees as well as apply to Successful Pathways for additional research funds.

Program Director:
Stephen Raudenbush, Lewis-Sebring Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology and Chair, Committee on Education, University of Chicago, sraudenb@uchicago.edu

Program Co-Director: 
Elaine Allensworth, Director of the Chicago Consortium for School Research, Urban Education Institute, University of Chicago, elainea@uchicago.edu

Program Recruitment Director:
Terese Schwartzman, Pre-Doctoral Training Fellows in the Educational Sciences, Committee on Education, University of Chicago, tschwartzman@uchicago.edu